Data Use Policy for the TECHNICAL RELEASE 2015

August 2015

In the context of the FLUXNET synthesis dataset under preparation it has been decided to give access to all the potential users to a "technical release" in order to allow the evaluation of the products under preparation and receive feedback about variables, structure, formats, errors, inconsistencies etc. The data have been provided by the site PIs and processed by the FLUXNET synthesis team.

Important notes:

For the reasons listed above, downloading and using these data you agree to:

Timeline for the official releases (for scientific uses)

The beta-release, available for scientific activities, will be made available in December 2015 and two addendum releases will be also made available in April and July 2016. The final version of the FLUXNET synthesis dataset (with all data reprocessed) will be released in December 2016.

For comments and contacts, please write to technical-release@fluxdata.org, preferably by end of October 2015.

The FLUXNET Synthesis Team

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